Friday, April 23, 2010

Victim Services Award of Distinction for 2010

Gwen Broadmore receives the Victim Services Award of Distinction for 2010 for her booklet,. "Grief and the Courts" originally published by NEUK PRESS.
The Attorney General's Victim Services Awards of Distinction were established in 2006 to honour victims of crime, as well as victim services professionals and volunteers, whose efforts have made a difference in their communities.

"Grief and the Courts" is now available on the Attorney General of Ontario's Website

NEUK PRESS Original Publication: "Grief and the Courts"

Gwendolyn Broadmore lost her son, Liam, to a homicide in 2005. Her journey through her grief and the criminal justice system prompted her to write a booklet for victims who are involved with the justice system. "Grief and the Courts" (PDF), provides information, resources and support for those affected by crime and offers a first-hand look at grief and grieving.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


“SmoKe and SaLt: lyrical art and dappled shadows


· What theme does this issue of “SmoKe and SaLt” explore?

· What emotions and memories does this theme bring up for you?

· Pick an image and pretend that you are sitting there with the photographer. What would like to ask them?

· When you look at an image ask yourself which of your five senses do you feel connected to most?

· Many of the images are found in nature. Which images have you seen in your own life?

· Do any of the images remind you of a place, a person or an experience? If so, write about your memories and keep them in the book as a bookmark.

· Some images look very closely at things. Take some time to really look closely at a flower, a snowflake, a ray of sunlight or ripples on the water.

· Ask yourself where you will keep this book. Will you have in a quite spot in your home near a window? Or will you have it next to your bed so that you can calm your mind, body and soul before you sleep?

· Do any of the poems affect you? How? Is there someone you would share it with? Why?

· Look at an image and ask yourself, who does this remind me of?

· Where do you see the Sacred here? Where do you see the Sacred in your life?

· How do you express your creative soul?

· What might the title of this journal mean?

· Write a poem in response to an image or a poem or reflection.

· If you could create your own book of images, words and quotations what would it look like? What would YOU include?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Call for Submissions for Fall '09 - Theme: Wilderness

We are looking for original non-published poetry, prose (250 words or less), photography, and photos of art pieces for our up-coming Fall '09 Issue: WILDERNESS. Please see the sidebar for more information.

Allyson Latta's, Days Road Writer's Workshops

Link to Allyson Latta's blog, "Days Road Writer's Workshops" for a shout-out for Cheryl Andrew's upcoming contribution in our SmoKe and SaLt: Summer Issue - Our Sacred Identity, with her poem, "The Frayed Map".

Thank you Allyson and Cheryl.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SmoKe and SaLt - a theological literary art journal

SmoKe and SaLt: lyrical art and dappled shadows

...a quarterly Canadian theological literary art journal


Canadians find a deep spirituality in nature. The Group of Seven painters captured this profound connection in iconic and mystical landscapes. This issue of SmoKe and SaLt is informed by each of our contributing artists' understanding of the Infinite Sacred in nature and the cosmos. As you meditate on these images of the reflections of the Holy Other, allow the mystery to be fully present in you.

Order your copies today!

Accepting submissions for our SUMMER Issue - Imaging Your Sacred Identity. 

Deadline is May 15, 2009. Please, only non-published works.

From a subscriber
"I consider the first two issues I have in my possession valued works of art.  Just looking at them on my desk gives me a sense that I am a sophisticated kind of guy. Actually opening them and absorbing the contents opens me up to wonder. I have dipped into them from time to time - and always come away refreshed - my spirit lifted to the surface again... Your books are like an umbrella in a storm."



Stuart Beaudoin
Vivian Carter
Inger Lauritsen
Patricia Ono
Erin Reid
Denyse Serre
Kevin Shin
Olivia Shin
Trish Soave 

A Limited Edition of ONLY 100 copies!

$10.00 CDN per copy plus postage and handling. Order yours NOW!!

Reviews of SmoKe and SaLt:

Monica writes: 
"I felt that it connected me to a ready-made community of sacred-aware art makers. The very existence of that journal I find a very hopeful sign."

Indira writes:
"This journal is pretty cool if you're into artsy stuff or just into contemplating the wonder and awe of the universe - all that is sacred."